"The Corium Project"

"The Corium Project" was found 2016 by Ronny Wiesauer, Heinz Hasenauer and Klaus Sauli. Their intent is to combine contemporary classical music with the sound of an acoustic jazz trio. Classical pieces inspire them to compose for jazz trio and then they melt it to one piece of art.


Playing their debut concert at the "Take the A-Train Festival" in late 2016  they recorded their debut CD "Chants To The Sea" - a recording where they combine the Music of Leo Brouwer and their own compostions. 


This CD was released in August 2017 and reviewed very positively in the international press (go to reviews)


Ronny Wiesauer

Ronny Wiesauer, born in Austria in the Year 1979, is a classical trained guitarist, but as well devoted to jazz and improvised music. 



Ronny Wiesauer grew up in a family where music was always appreciated a lot, so he picked up the guitar at an early age. 

Being influenced by classical music as well as by popular music, he started to study classical guitar at Mozarteum in the Year 1997 in the class of Marco Tamayo, playing in various projects and bands within classical music style and jazz as well


After living in Salzburg for a decade, he decided to move to Berlin and later life lead him to Vienna. 


Focusing these years on his "classical" side, he published 3 CDs with music by J.S.Bach, Zamboni, Giuliani, Sor but also contemporary composers like Dusan Bogdanovic, Sergio Assad and  Ralph Towner. These CDs show his skills as a performer of the classical guitar as well as of the Arciliuto, a 14-course lute instrument. 

Together with Kostas Tosidis he recorded in the Studios of ORF Wien for the well known composer Marios Elia Jannou the piece "Cursed" , a duo for classical guitar and electric guitar.  


Back in Salzburg, with the concept of the "Corium Project" in mind, he was lucky to meet Klaus Sauli at a Gig in beginning 2016, who introduced him to doublebass player Heinz Hasenauer. Together they found "The Corium Project" in 2016.


In Winter 2016 they started recoring their Debut Album, which should be released in August 2017. 


Klaus Sauli

Klaus  Sauli is a drummer with a big variety of styles. He toured with various ensembles  through USA and Europa .




Heinz Hasenauer


Heinz Hasenauer, born 1957 in Gastein/Salzburg, is a well known double bass player. He worked as well in the classical field with orchestras and chamber music settings as well as in jazz combos, where he played major jazz festival and other events.